What We Do

Actively eradicating food poverty in Devon and Cornwall


We receive surplus produce from food suppliers and manufacturers such as Morrisons, CO-OP, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Bidfood, KFC, Pizza Hut, Greggs, Fareshare and Hingstons pasties & pies.

We redistribute this produce to people in need through organisations and schemes that run means testing processes to assess need.

The produce we are given would otherwise be wasted as it does not meet the standards for commercial sale either being close to its use by or best before dates, in damaged packaging, slightly damaged goods, minor manufacturing defects or does not meet supermarket merchandising quality standards such as straight bananas or bent carrots.

Win Win

By donating this food to DCFA instead of sending it to landfill the supermarkets, suppliers and producers are reducing their carbon footprint, decreasing landfill and more importantly meeting a need of corporate and social responsibility. They also save money by not having to dispose of the food

How Do We Identify the Beneficiaries


The organisations and charities that we support have means testing identification processes in place. They identify families/people needing to be fed due to personal situations auch as illness, no income awaiting benefits and facing other emergency situations. For example the Harbour drugs and alcohol scheme provides to families of those who suffer at the hands of addiction.

DCFA are currently running a new pilot scheme with schools in Plymouth where staff run the scheme through parent support advisors who identify families in need to who we distribute our food parcels.

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