Why Are We Doing It

Food poverty is real, sadly on the increase and here in Devon and Cornwall. It is a Nationwide problem that should not exist but it does! While the country continues to extend its foreign aid program there are forgotten, ignored or unrealised problems within our own shores leaving families in poverty, starving and in need of food support.

There are many reasons why a person or family may find themselves the victims of food poverty:

Here in Plymouth and the wider South West there are pockets of our population on minimum wage yet trying to pay some of the highest rents to provide themselves and their families with shelter.

Unemployment levels in the South West rise and drop by the season with many people finding themselves needing to claim state benefits in order to support themselves and their families when work is unavailable. The new Universal Credit benefit system brings a twelve week delay between a successful claim being made and payment being received. This is leaving people short of funds for a long period and often unable to support themselves and their families.

Addiction is a curse to society in general but is not a conscious life choice for an addict. People fall into addiction unwittingly. It is a creeping disease that addicts find themselves caught by and often unable to escape its binding tendrils without significant support from specialists in health in well being, counselling and ongoing social care monitoring. While you may not understand how or why somebody would fall victim to this terrible situation or empathise with them and the condition, it is the consequential harm that comes to an addict's family that causes us the most concern. Their families are often left wanting and needing food support and we cannot let them suffer so we are trying to help those families, especially with children, that require nourishment.

Long term illness of the household breadwinner needing to stop work to become a carer for another family member. Subsequently the household income is lost or severly reduced due to berievement or critical illness. Families find themselves in these situations of need having not been able to afford any form of income replacement scheme.

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